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What you get with

(feel free to contact us for your requirements as we are happy to add custom features for your event!)

Ticket scanning app

To scan tickets in on the night; allowing you to parallelise ticket scanning, shortening your queue waiting times from 3+ hours down to 20mins (real-world example).

Raven integration

We fully integrate with the university login service, allowing you to allow groups of CRSids and colleges to log in to the system of your choosing.

Staggered scheduled ticket release

Set it up and forget it; we allow you to release tickets according to a predefined schedule, and things will just happen.

Any payment method you wish

We have integration with most online payment providers, allowing ticket purchases to take place seamlessly, reducing the work your committee/ticketing officer needs to do. We also support accepting payments by bank transfer, college bill and other unconventional sources.

Differential pricing

Allowing you to price tickets at different levels for different groups

GDPR compliant

We have a number of features that help you reach out to alumni through your alumni office while maintaining compliance with GDPR


As much automation as possible to reduce the manual labour required for a successful ticketing campaign.


Full control over the emails that you send to your guests, and ability to resend them to specific people as required.

QR Codes

Cutomisable QR code tickets, with embedded ball logos.

Open to new ideas and contributions

Any new features can be implemented with some discussion about your requirements.

Get your ticketing sorted quickly with

Step 1: Get in touch

Contact us with your requirements and we can help you set it all up according to your needs.

Step 2: Customise

We will help you set up a ticket release schedule and help you test it so you can release to certain groups at predetermined times

Step 3: Launch!

Your dashboard will show you live updates as your tickets are sold!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions commonly asked.

What do I need to start?

Just get in touch and we will set it up - including domain, hosting, email and more.

How much does this cost?

Unlike other ticketing systems, our service is free; we only ask for two tickets for us to attend your event!

Can I customise it?

Completely; you can even have it hosted at your own domain and add your own branding to the system.


Try it out yourself, completely risk free.